Scorekeeping Documents and Information

Scorekeeping Documents

The following documents are handed out at the Scorekeeper's Clinic. To download any document, simply click on the document's name shown below:

Must every play be scored in T-Ball and Mini-Rookies?

Not exactly.

The scoring in the lower divisions (T-Ball and Mini-Rookies) is a little different from the scoring in the upper divisions (Rookies, Mini-Minors, and Minors).

The main focus in the T-Ball and Mini-Rookies divisions is to keep track of the total number of outs and runs scored each inning so that when either 3 outs occur or the "4 run rule" limit is reached, the scorekeeper can tell the coaches that the inning is over.

With this in mind, don't worry if the batter hits the ball to second base and is thrown out at first, and you score the play as a 5 - 3 (third to first) for the out. In the lower divisions, just be sure to get the outs and the runs across home plate and you'll be fine. Of course, the better job you do now, the more you will be ready for the upper divisions when your daughter gets older.