Practice and Drills
  • Bunt and Run

    Wed, 22 Jan 2020 07:35:35 +0000

    Purpose Helps players learn to bunt for base hits. Set Up You can do this drill in the infield or with any open space in the outfield. Set up a small diamond with four bases 40-60 feet apart. Have four pitchers in the middle of the diamond. One bunter (with helmet and bat) ? at […]

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  • Score From Second

    Tue, 14 Jan 2020 04:51:46 +0000

    Purpose Teaches players how to score from second on a base hit. Set Up Set up three outfielders in their positions, and a catcher at home. The remaining players line up behind second base. Coach stands at home with a bat and balls. Another coach or player acts as third base coach. Instructions Coach hits […]

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  • Half Field Game (Left Side)

    Fri, 10 Jan 2020 18:57:56 +0000

    Purpose This game uses only the left side of the field (from the second baseman?s fielding position to the left field foul line) to set up specific baserunning and fielding situations for your team to practice. Set Up Divide your team into three groups . Team 1 includes the catcher, fungo hitter and third baseman. […]

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  • Glove Tuck Drill

    Fri, 03 Jan 2020 17:18:15 +0000

    Purpose This drill breaks down the proper mechanics of the glove tuck portion of the throw. Set Up Players line up facing coach. Instructions Players go into ?T? position with arms straight out to the sides ? glove pointing toward the target, ball hand straight back, knuckles up toward the sky. In throwing motion, players […]

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  • Pick From The Helmet

    Fri, 27 Dec 2019 16:51:06 +0000

    Purpose A fun drill that trains your players how to execute offensive strategies in game-like conditions. Set Up Split your players into three even teams. Two teams fill out the defensive positions while the third team is on offense. Write 5-10 offensive plays down on small pieces of paper. For example: hit and run, sacrifice […]

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  • Small Ball

    Wed, 18 Dec 2019 16:04:34 +0000

    Purpose A game-like drill that teaches your players to advance runners and put pressure on the defense. Fielders get opportunities for game situation rep. Set Up Put a full defensive lineup into the field, including a pitcher. Coaches or parent-helpers will act as base coaches. The remaining players are ready to bat. Instructions Place runners […]

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  • Pivot and Throw

    Wed, 11 Dec 2019 03:56:42 +0000

    Purpose To practice executing a quick pivot in both directions after fielding the ball. Set Up Line up 4 balls in a straight line, leaving 5 feet of space between each ball. Position 6 players as fielders ,15 ft from each ball as shown (2 should be on left side of ball, 2 on right). […]

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  • Double Tee Drill

    Tue, 03 Dec 2019 13:54:41 +0000

    Purpose To help hitters hit the ball with a level swing, and avoid looping or uppercutting. Set Up Set up two batting tees at the plate as shown in the illustration. One directly over the plate. One directly in front of it. Both tees should be set to the same height. The batter sets up […]

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  • Progressive Tag Up

    Sat, 30 Nov 2019 13:00:19 +0000

    Purpose Teaches players when and how to tag up on fly balls. Set Up You can run this drill in the infield, or just set up four bases in the outfield the appropriate distance apart. Set up three outfielders, and a line of baserunners at first base. Coach stands at home plate with a bat […]

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  • Reverse Recovery Drill

    Thu, 28 Nov 2019 17:35:53 +0000

    Purpose To practice recovering the ball in back of the body after an error or bad bounce. Set Up Divide team into pairs, players line up across from each other forming two lines about 30 ft apart. For safety, each player should be about 5 feet from player next to them. All players have gloves, […]

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